With approximately 322,888 women and 164,571 children in Monmouth County, it stands to reason that issues facing women in their homes and at community and national levels must be addressed and that a strong advocacy to support those in need must also be available. The Monmouth County Democratic Women’s Caucus has been established to strengthen women’s positions in the areas of Quality Education, the Right to Health and Safety, Income and Wealth Security and Protecting the Environment. The caucus now incorporates women from nearly all 53 municipalities in Monmouth County, providing them with opportunities to infuse their passion and talents in work that addresses the challenges that women share on so many levels.

Increasing the number of women candidates is a critical part of the work we do. We are very active seeking and recruiting pro-choice Democratic women leaders from the community who can pursue and successfully win local, county, and state offices. An essential objective of MCDWC is to support women candidates by establishing strong relationships, building trust, and adding value to their campaigns. We show up and work hard on campaign events, fundraisers, phone banking, door to  door field activities, and sponsor forums to share platform positions critical to women of Monmouth County.

You, too can become a champion of women’s rights and political influence. Find your niche and make an impact by working together with like-minded women on issues that touch your heart, your mind and your pocketbook. If you are interested in working within your community, you will discover that place in the Women’s Caucus.

Our Mission

Established in July 2012, the mission of the Monmouth County Democratic Women’s Caucus (MCDWC) is to:

  • increase women’s participation in the Monmouth County Democratic Organization
  • build a sustainable women’s political power base; and
  • influence policy and the political process

Our strategic intent is to elect public officials in Monmouth County who adhere to the DNC Platform and to train, mentor, and recruit women to run for municipal, county, stat, and federal offices on the Democratic slate by providing hands-on volunteer assistance and raising money.

MCDWC is open to individuals who support MCDWC’s Mission and the DNC Platform.

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