Gwen Payne

commented on Contact Us 2023-03-07 03:26:43 -0500
Hello there,

There are stay-at-home parents who may be looking for ways to earn extra income, and the answer could be to start a business. I was hoping that I could write an article for your site on non-ecommerce small business ideas for parents who want to earn some money while staying at home.

The piece will include some potential small business ideas and also offer tips on how to get started and take your business off the ground.

I’m hoping to pique your interest in reviewing a draft of this piece and considering it for publication on your website. What are your thoughts? :)

All the best,

Gwen Payne,

P.S. If you’d prefer an article on a different topic, please let me know. That said, I understand if you’re not interested in guest posts. Just let me know and I won’t reach out to you again.

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